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Miro is the world's largest distribution outlet for downloading social media video. It's not a coincidence: we're a non-profit organization that's creating a level playing field where independent publishers and non-profits can reach large audiences around the world.

Reach More People

Miro can help get your work to more people and it's completely free to both you and them. The simplest argument for why you should publish to Miro is this: Miro can help you turn occasional viewers of your videos into subscribers who will receive your new videos automatically.

How LinkTV Uses Miro

"Miro is a superb application for managing and playing high quality videos on demand, but as an open platform for independent producers and broadcasters around the world, Miro also plays a critical role in the future of social media." - Kim Spencer, President, LinkTV

LinkTV uses Miro as their primary online distribution method for their shows. When viewers watch lower resolution clips on the Link website, they also see the option to subscribe to Link content with Miro and receive new episodes automatically. LinkTV has also created a free custom version of Miro which comes pre-subscribed to all of their shows and presents their website (you can get their player here).

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How NRK Uses Miro

NRK is the Norweigan Public Broadcaster. They distribute some of their shows in HD and recommend Miro. Miro's built-in BitTorrent support allows NRK to deliver very large, very high quality video files to thousands of people around the world while saving 95% of the bandwidth cost. Miro makes subscribing to their BitTorrent feeds effortless for their viewers.


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