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Custom and Branded Video Players

The Miro team creates custom and branded players for various organizations. Our partners and clients have included prominent video creators, distributors, technology consulting companies and ISPs. If your organization could benefit from an application like Miro, please contact us at custom@pculture.org

Branded Players

A branded Miro Player can provide your audience with quality desktop software for downloading, managing, and watching your content. The following screenshots demonstrate the main features of a branded player created for the TED conference. For more information on branded players, please contact custom@pculture.org.

Your Name

From install through usage, your audience members will experience an application with your name. This provides a consistent brand experience, enabling you to smoothly shift your brand from the web to the desktop.

Your Logo

Branded players give your logo a permanent place on the desktops of your audience members, in the form of the application icon. This icon increases exposure to your brand and makes your content one click away at all times.

Your Content

By pre-loading your desktop video player with content of your choice, you can provide your users with easy and instant access to your universe of content at the click of a button. You can pre-install websites, video feeds and audio feeds. Finally, you can determine which of these pieces of content the user sees when they start your custom player.

Custom Development

For organizations with unique needs, the Miro team can offer development of video platforms and services on a consulting basis. To learn more about this offering, please contact custom@pculture.org.

Sourcing Video Content

The Miro Guide (www.miroguide.com) maintains a database of thousands of the web's best episodic TV shows. For each of these shows, Miro maintains key metadata including categories, languages and ratings. If you are looking to collect video content on a specific topic or to complement your existing content, we can provide you with a custom solution utilizing our robust API. To learn more about this offering, please contact custom@pculture.org.

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