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Open-source and non-profit: We need your help!

Miro is part of the Participatory Culture Foundation (a non-profit organization) and is powered by a global community of volunteers: coders, translators, testers, community leaders, Miro Guide moderators, and more. We'd love to have you get involved - here are some places we need your help.

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  • Developers

    Miro is a free and open source project, licensed under the GPL. If you see a bug in the bug-tracker that you can fix, go for it!

    1. Our Miro Development Center has all the community information you'll need-- bug tracker, mailing list, IRC channel, build instructions, developer blogs, etc. Look around and join the email list.
    2. Checkout the code and try building Miro on your machine.
    3. Check out the Community Projects page for some projects and 'bite-sized' bugs to start on or just poke around in the bug tracker to find something that interests you.
  • Get an Internship

    If you're a student looking for an exciting internship with a start-up style non-profit organization, we may be able to help. We've got slots for coders, non-profit biz-dev, and marketing. We're very flexible about where you work from, but we expect you to be self-motivated, dedicated, driven, professional, independent, and ready to get your hands dirty. If you're serious about an internship, send us a resume and brief statement of intent.

    Outreach Director: Dean Jansen

    Send resume and statement to: dean [at] pculture.org

  • Translate Miro

    Only about 40% of Miro users live in English speaking countries. Miro is completely volunteer translated-- if you speak more than one language, we need you to help us make Miro accessible to the whole world! It's easy:

    1. Register at Launchpad, the translation service we use.
    2. Go to the translation page for one of our projects and click on a language to start translating. It's really easy.
      Translate Miro
      Translate GetMiro.com (this website)
      Translate the Miro Guide

    Have any questions? Email us: translations [at] pculture.org

  • Help Other Users

    Miro users always have questions, issues, and ideas. You can join the conversation and help new users get started with Miro and solve any problems they run into. In fact, lots of these conversations end up leading to new Miro features. To join in:

    1. Jump in here: list of unanswered questions

    Project Leader: Dean Questions? Email: dean [at] pculture.org

  • Become a Bug Tester

    This is a fantastic way for anyone to contribute to the Miro project — you don't need programming skills, just the ability to describe problems clearly. Good bugs reports help the coders be much more efficient. Here's how to start:

    1. Janet, our bugmaster and QA director wrote up a guide on how to be an awesome bug reporter. She also writes the Miro testing blog. Take a look at both to get your bearings.
    2. Jump in and start testing.

    Project Leader: Janet For guidance, email: jed [at] pculture.org


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