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Jobs at Participatory Culture

Participatory Culture Foundation, which makes the Miro platform, is looking for world-class talent to join our organization. We are a non-profit organization with a small, focused team that rivals the talent and quality of any for-profit software company. Are you doing amazing work for a company that you don't really believe in? Quit your job and work for us. Seriously. All of our staff (about ten full-time employees) currently works remotely.


We want to fill the positions below as soon as possible. If you're interested, please be in touch right away; we don't need fancy resumes, just good, clear info about what you've been up to. Women and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply.

Software Developer

We're looking for a top-notch programmer who can work independently, communicate well, and occasionally step back from the code to contemplate improvements to program architecture or our development process. This is a full-time position working on Miro related projects.

Miro presents an exciting real world challenge: creating cross platform desktop software that interacts with a heterogeneous set of third party libraries and provides an easy to use interface on each platform. We build on existing free peer to peer and media libraries where we can.

Miro is mostly written in Python, so solid understanding of Python or a similar dynamic language is a must. A solid understanding of C and C++ is also a requirement.

The best way to get a programming job with us is to fix a couple Miro bugs and submit the patches so that we can see your work and your ability to work on our codebase. A good place to start is the 'bitesized' bug list on the CommunityProjects page.

TO APPLY: Send a short note about why you're interested in working with us along with a resume to jobs[at]pculture.org.

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