Miro Video Player | Downloading Miro for OSX

Thank you for downloading Miro, we hope you love it!

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Miro is 100% free and open-source and is also 'donation ware'.

We ask every user to make a donation to the non-profit that makes Miro.

Most importantly, YOU choose how much you want to give.

Minimum Requirements

Mac OSX 10.6+

Miro 3.0.3 is still available for MAC OS X 10.4.11.

Miro 4.0.6 is still available for MAC OS X 10.5.

How to Install Miro and Get Started

Miro is simply the best video player and podcast client for Mac.

  1. Quit Miro

    Quit any previous versions of Miro that may already be running.

  2. Launch the Miro Disk Image

    Once downloaded, double-click the Miro Disk Image to mount it.

  3. Drag the Miro icon to your Applications folder

    If you have an older version of Miro installed, you'll be asked whether you'd like to replace it with the new one. Click Replace.

  4. Open Miro from your Applications folder

    After you've ejected the Miro disk image, you can run Miro.

  5. Drag Miro to the Dock

    Find Miro in the Applications folder and drag it to the Dock.

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