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We believe a great desktop player is essential
for a complete media experience.

For Phone and Tablet Makers

When customers are considering buying your device, they think about the full experience of using the device, not just the device in isolation. Are you offering them a way to buy music on their computer and sync it to their device without moving between apps? Are they able to subscribe to podcasts on their computer and sync them for the road?

Many, and perhaps most, of your customers are listening to music and watching videos with iTunes, nearly every day. That means that they are using a media software that doesn't sync to your devices and that they are being explicitly and implicitly pushed to buy devices from a competitor. You need to offer them a serious media player alternative with an integrated experience for purchasing, playing, sharing, and syncing.

Shipping Miro with your devices gives you a world class, integrated media experience that reinforces everything your device offers.

For Music Stores

If you run an online music store that isn't iTunes, you are in a tough spot. iTunes gives users a way to buy and listen in one integrated application, quickly and simply. Meanwhile, your customers are downloading music in a browser or helper app and then moving it into iTunes. Extra steps mean less purchases. And whenever they are listening to the music they buy from you in iTunes, they are just a click away from the iTunes store.

But Miro is open. Your store can be in the Miro sidebar and you can even ship your own version of Miro, with your store integrated. Your customers can purchase songs and they will download directly into their music library. As simple as iTunes.

Why should every music store have to build its own desktop app in order to offer a great experience? They shouldn't, and open is the answer.

For Cloud Services

Cloud services will play a big role in the future of music and video, but there are serious limitations that make it difficult for users to move completely to the cloud.

Mobile data charges are high, people still spend lots of time without an internet connection, music libraries are often too large to fit in the free storage of cloud services, and the listening experience in a webpage just isn't good enough for daily music listening.

While it's not focused on music, Dropbox is one of the best and most successful cloud services because it's a hybrid-- you get the benefits of cloud syncing and sharing along with the benefits of having your files on your local device. A successful media cloud service needs to be a hybrid as well.

And Miro can help turn a tedious cloud experience into a seamless one. Make Miro the desktop app for your cloud service-- build a Miro extension or work with us to create an integration.

The benefits are huge. People can listen to music on their desktop just like they do now, but their library will be syncing quietly in the background and staying up to date in both directions. Without a good desktop player, the users you are hoping to attract will be using the desktop player of your competitor, soon with their integrated cloud offering.

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